Thursday, 1 December 2011

The dialogue

The dialogue!!!
                        -Namratha Mahapatra and Madhukara Holla

Girl says,

A Blink, A tear drop
Rolls down without any reason,
Is it me, or thoughts that play without a stop,
Is it love or is it treason?

Boy says,

Tears yours as they drop down,
Feels like blood,my own;
And my chest turns crimson,
It must be love, not treason!!!

Girl says,

Crimson tubes of unspoken melt!
Has the heart skipped a beat
Or stays completely unaware of what it felt?
Can it bear another blow;
Or rest assured,that this time care shall be dealt?

Boy says,

Heart's a furnace, no thermostat it has;
It can take as much heat it does wish;
Only, one doesn't know the fury of its abyss,
It may burn the whole shop, leave you without bliss!!
So said the burnt heart,
And went silent all over again,
The fear that is a shadow of its word
Kept ringing in the mind, and keeps me in guard!!

Girl says,

Silence within; noisy clouds outside,
Tears don't show; but feels like waterfal;
The burnt heart leaps, weeps and heals again;Inside
Sheds a layer and awaits yet another love's call!!l

Boy says,

An optimist walks in the lane,
That lane wet, fallen by incessant rain,
She greets everyone, and so hides her pain;
The heart is that optimist, though wet in bane,
Says, hopes she has, never goes in vain!!!

Girl says

A look, a glance, stiffled sighs,
Balmy dew drops of kisses not blown,
Rhythmic beats, hormones take new highs;
Hope leads the heart, to new heights or destinations unknown?

Boy says,

There is no destination unknown,
To the heart that never skips a beat;
Omniscient it is, omnipresent and omnipotent,
While takes one to new heights, yet keeps him glued to his seat!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Book review-The Google story

Book review

Title: The Google story
Author: David A Vice with Mark Malseed
Publisher: Pan Books, London 2005.

An awe inspiring success story, a hub of innovations, a legion of geeks and a mandatory search engine!! Google paints a colorful vibrant picture as a company, as an essential web tool, as a culture and as a phenomenon. In the age of never quenching thirst for better speed, better quality, Google not only keeps up its pace but also aspires to be a step ahead.
So what is this Google phenomenon? What sets aside Google from the rest? Who are the actors in the Google Odessey? How does Google make money? How is it to work for Google? David A Vice, a Pulitzer Prize winner, an eminent journalist and an MBA from Wharton, finds out and in this intriguing book, narrates the story of Google. Vice, who has authored the fiction thriller novel “The bureau and the mole”(2002) and has worked as a business journalist for Washington post has instilled in his book the elements of both these genres. The book, hence comes across as an easy to read business Biography with emphasis more on narration than on bare statistics and technical analysis, catering to a large number of readers with scant knowledge on the technical aspects of search engines and its algorithms.
The book starts off with the Google founders, Brin and Page, receiving a grand reception at a school, where they speak to the kids about how it feels to be a part of Google and its culture! The book then breaks away into a chronological narrative, along its way, presenting the personal history of various people involved in the journey and captures various highs and lows that the company faced,the role of Eric Schmidt and others, the Google economy and its presence and much more. The book also narrates the challenges that Google faces, including Microsoft and Google’s expansion in China and trademark infringement troubles. There are some thoroughly enjoyable light hearted chapters like “Burning Man” and “Charlie’s place” too!
So does the book do justice to its claim to give the inside story of the “Hottest Business, Media and Technological Success of Our time”? Not if you are looking for those technical jargons flying around or if you have insatiable appetite for in depth business analysis of Google’s unparalleled growth! But this book has in it a humane insight into how the Google culture evolved, who  were the perpetuators and how various events and people helped in the creation of an empire we now know as Google! Every chapter of the book is a story in itself dealing with a completely different aspect of the Google story, but, the Google culture, which is the underlying theme throughout the book, is well inscribed in each of the chapters and keeps the reader in sync with purpose of the book. The author succeeds in his narrative technique juxtaposing the story with anecdotes and opinions of various people, making the book not only an enlightening read but also a thoroughly enjoyable one. And for the thrills, there are extra features like candid photo gallery, a playboy interview of Brin and Page, Google search tips and GLAT(Google Labs Aptitude test).While the interview and photographs give an exciting insight into the candid face of Google, Google search tips are quite handy and with GLAT you may end up with a job in Googleplex(Google headquarters)! And lastly, the book inspires through its efficient narration and subtly drives the point “Don’t be evil”: the Google w(c )atchphrase! The book also illustrates the power of innovation and a “healthy disregard for the impossible” and has a lesson or two in it for all of us!! The lack of a concluding summary at the end of the book gives a feeling of an abrupt end. But with the Google story going strong and with many more chapters left, maybe the author is justified leaving the story where it stands and not conclude!
All in all the book delivers and the timeless aspect of its subject makes it a mandatory entry into your bookshelf!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Ruchi Ruchi Recipe 2


Menthe Thambuli (Fenugreek flavoured buttermilk)

An easy preparation, but tasty nevertheless, ideal for lazy-to-cook-for-long people like me. A healthy dish to go with the unique taste! Can be hogged with rice, also as chutney with dosa,idly. The bitter-spicy taste is above the world!!

  1. Fenugreek seeds – ½ teaspoon
  2. Grated coconut – 2 teaspoon
  3. buttermilk(kept out for 5-6 hours to turn a little sour)-300 ml
  4. Green chilies – 1 nos.
  5. Mustard seed- ½  teaspoon
  6. Red chilies – 1 no.
  7. Asafetida – a pinch
  8. Curry leaves-3 nos.

 Roast fenugreek seeds and green chilly till the seeds turn light brown.(excess roasting may result in a bitter dish). Take the above along with grated coconut and grind it fine in a mixer(use 4 tbspoon water).Add the resulting mixture to the buttermilk.

Seasoning: Take oil, mustard seed and after sputtering of seeds, add red chilies(shake-a-bit)curry leaves(shake-a-bit) and asafetida, in that order. Add the above to the flavoured buttermilk and your thambuli is ready!!! 

Ruchi Ruchi recipes

Uppumenasu (Salt and red chilli chutney)

Ideal for those lazy Sunday afternoons, with no mood to cook and too lazy to lunch outside, this chutney takes 5 minutes and can be used with leftover dosas or idlis from the morning breakfast or with ganji(rice with water).

Red chillies(byadagi or Guntur): 7 nos.
Tamarind pulp : 3 tbspoon.
Salt : As per taste
Jaggery: a thumb sized lump soaked in water
Oil : 2 tbspoon
Mustard seed: ½ tbspoon

Take oil and mustard seeds in a vessel and heat it with small flame till the mustard seeds start sputtering. Add red chillies and shallow fry them till they become crisp. Allow the mixture to cool and later crush the red chillies with your hand.Add tamarind pulp and jaggery dissolved in water and then some salt to taste.

P.S: Optionally you can add asafetida to the hot oil after chillies have turned crisp.